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Customer Reviews for Activator 1000 Septic Tank Treatment

Rated 4.85 out of 5 stars. Based on 25 Reviews

very happy by Jamie

i never liked to use anything in my septic tank.. i tried just about everything thing to get rid of this bad smell and i just couldn't get it to go away or cover it up. I came across your website and let me tell u i am very happy that i no long have a bad odor coming from my bathrooms anymore !

Great Product by Timmy

about two months ago i received a call about your product i wasn't too sure but i gave it a shot and with-in the first few weeks my drains weren't making that weird noise anymore, and are going down faster now.

Delightful smell by Sandra

My guest bathroom had this bad odor . i couldnt figure it out i scrubbed the bathroom and it still stunk .. then i figured it had to be coming from my toilet. So i came across this product and figure why not give it a chance. it work very well .. It had a delightful smell to it as well..

Great product by Doug L

I just recently received a 5 year supply . i was using another product that wasn't working that good. i followed the directions that i was informed to do by the representative and i started seeing a big change with-in the 30 days of using it. I am very happy with my decision.

Cleared Odors and Surface Water - Thank you! by Jeff W.

When I first purchased Activator 1000 I was using another septic treatment product, but I was still experiencing surface water and getting it pumped ever 18 months. I used Activator 1000 as directed and within a month the odors and surface water cleared up. I've been using your product for 3 1/2 years and I haven't had to pump out the tank since.

Pleased with results by William V.

I haven't had any problems with our septic tank system since we started using your septic tank treatment . We bought a 5 year supply, and we are so pleased that we are back to re-order. Thanks for the great product.

Best Septic Tank Treatment I've used by Joseph J.

This is not the first septic tank treatment that I have used but it is the only one I will use from now on. I've had a septic tank for over 25 years, but when; I moved into my newly built home I decided that I wanted to protect the new system. I wasn't even using the other product for 9 months before the septic tank needed to be pumped out. So with little faith in septic tank treatments I decided to try again. I started using Activator 1000 about 7 years ago and I haven't needed a pump out since I switched. I would recommend this product to anyone trying to protect a new septic system.

Saved Our Drainfield by Ronald

I live in a community that requires us to have our septic tank pumped-out every other year. I just assumed this is how a septic system is maintained. After years of mandatory pump outs I started seeing wet spots in the yard. The septic guy told me the drainfield must be clogged, and I was looking at thousands of dollars to replace it. I got Activator 1000 and followed the directions for problem systems, a few weeks later the toilets and drains were back to normal and the surface water started to clear up. Now I follow the directions for maintenance and use it after every mandatory pump-out.

Saved me $2,300! by Jessie V.

The bacteria that you guys produce is GREAT! I was having pretty bad problems with my drain lines my septic guy quoted me around 2500 to have everything done but i recieved a call from a nice fellow from activator 1000 and he sent me a 4 year supply assuring me that if i used it i wouldn't need to call my septic guy back to dig up my lines. but i used the product and it worked i paid 209 for the 4 year supply and its worth every penny. hell its already saved me 2300 dollars...Thanks guys..

Peace of mind for our septic system and our family. by Christina S.

Activator 1000 is a great product. We have small children and pets running around our home, so it is great to know that Activator 1000 is all natural and non-toxic to humans and animals. The containers are small and easy to store, so we don't have to worry about the little guys getting hurt.

Just in time by Nicole

I recently received a call from your company and boy let me tell you it was in perfect timing. I was told by a septic company that my septic tank was going to have to be pumped out, which meant i was looking at spending more money then imagined. The lady i spoke too was very helpful with all the questions i had. I told her the problems i was having with my septic backing up and she informed me about this Needless to say i been using this product and haven't had to have my septic tank pumped out.

Lifer by Joe

I love using your product the guarantee policy is just a benifit. I like knowing that i will not have a problem with my system for as long as i use this product. i am a lifer with Activator 1000. I just order my second 5 year supply.

cheap by Rob

Over the years i have used many different products that haven't worked and lets not talk about the amount of money i have spent on them. I was referred to Activator 1000 from a neighbor. I have finally have found something that works. I brought the 60 month supply and that was 2 1/2 years ago. I haven't had any problems with my septic tank and to think it comes out to ONLY be $3.50 a month. I've spent alot more on other products that's for sure.

Didn't need to ask for help by Georgia

I am very pleased with your product. Not only did it fix my septic problem, but it cost less then i have paid at some of the store where i have bought other septic tank treatments that didn't work. Also what was great was i didn't have to have anyone help me carry it, also storing it is easy considering the package is small. I will be telling all of my friends.

Have Used Activator 1000 for 5 years by Sandra S.

My husband and I found Activator 1000 online. We decided to try it out because of the money back guarantee. That was 5 years and 2 orders ago. We would definitely recommend the liquid septic tank cleaner to anyone with septic tank problems.

Longtime user of Activator 1000 by Sadie

When we bought our home 15 years ago the previous owners were using Activator 1000 septic tank treatment. We finished up their supply and continue to use it today. We have never had a problem with our septic system. This product really is great.

Best Septic Tank Activator by Ralph

Using Activator 1000 every month has saved us a lot of money. Every time we flush it down the toilet, it is another month that we are protecting our system against costly pump outs and other problems. We spend less on septic tank treatment in 4 years than we would if we had our tank pumped out just once. It doesn’t make sense not to use it.

Great For Our Business Location by Vivian L.

I run a daycare out my home. As you can imagine, little kids are exactly septic smart or consideration. We were constantly having to get our septic tank pumped out so we decided to try a monthly septic tank treatment that would but out septic system back in balance and hopefully enhance the effectiveness of our system. We had no idea if a septic tank treatment would help at all after the abuse it had been taking between my 3 teenage daughters and the daycare program. What made Activator 1000 our first choice was the money back guarantee and their financing options. Since we have started using Activator 1000 regularly, our septic system has been working so much better.. Its been over a year since our last pump-out, this is the longest we have gone without needing a pump-out in years. If Activator 1000 worked in my system, it will work in anyone's septic system.

About to give up by Kimmy

I have used everything under the sun from chemicals bought in store to old wive tells i was told and nothing worked. My sinks kept backing up. My neighbor told me to give this a try.. i was like what else do i have to lose.. and it worked !!!! i haven't had a problem .

It works by Donald

If you have a problem with back ups clogs of some sort. This product works just like they say it will and fast. I was skeptical at first but now i will not put anything down my drains beside Activator 1000. Thanks for a great product and its 100% safe .

Great New Product by Leigh R.

I received the odor control septic tank treatment about 2 weeks ago and the really repugnant sewage odor is gone, thank goodness. The lemon lime scent was just a plus.

Septic Odor Problem Solved by Bradley

This is the easiest way to get rid of foul septic odors. The single dose packaging saved me some time and I noticed the stench clearing up within the first day. The odor in my downstairs bathroom was so bad, the lemon lime scent was like a breath of fresh citrusy air. When it came time for the last treatment, even though there was no sign of septic odor I flushed the final dose just to be safe. The 3 month odor control treatment worked not only to get rid of the smell but to keep it away.

No need to remember! by Kris

Not only did it work the way it said it would but i love the smell it leaves. I don't have to worry about running out because i the auto shipping is great. That's one thing i can check off my list of things to remember!

Smelly House by Micheal

My family and I had this really bad odor lingering in the house. We couldn't figure out how to get rid of it we tried every odor spray to try and cover it up. Nothing worked it just smelled worst. My neighbor had the same problem and told us about this and how easy it would be to use. so i figured why not lets give it a whirl. It worked the first time using it. and our family loves the citrus smell its just so fresh smelling. They even do an auto ship every 3 months that's a plus.

Clean smell by Raven

All the products that i have came across for odor control never had a scent. I was looking around online and came across this website. so i figure i would try it. Since nothing else seemed to be working and i had a party planned at my house in less then a month. i was mortified because of the smell. So glad to report that it works and the problem is fixed. Smells Lemon Lime fresh! Will be reordering to prevent the problem from coming back

Activator 1000 Septic Treatment Store is ranked 4.85 out of 5. Based on 25 user reviews.