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Best Garbage Disposal for Septic Tanks

A common misconception amongst homeowners who use septic tanks is that they are unable to install garbage disposal units. There is a fear that by doing so they will add too much extra organic waste to the septic system. And while, often than not, the extra waste stresses the septic system and causes otherwise unlikely problems (i.e. an increased need for pump-outs, a decrease in the overall functionality of the septic system) it is possible to do so by installing a unit specifically engineered to combat these problems.

The InSinkErator Evolution Assist ¾ HP Garbage Disposal is just the system to do so. InSinkErator has been dominating the garbage disposal unit field for over 75 years, and have come to represent the highest standards of performance and environmental safety. The Evolution Series features state of the art technologies and materials to insure that any and all waste is more than satisfactorily eliminated.

Engineered with homeowners who have septic tanks in mind - the Evolution Septic Assist disposer helps to diminish the likelihood of jams and clogs (a common fear of those with septic tanks) by means of its two-stage grind technology. The Grind-Shear Ring and Tri-Action Lug ensure that any food dumped down the drain is adequately broken down.

And, assuming that the two-stage grind system doesn’t satisfactorily liquefy the waste – this unit has an exclusive Bio-charge enzyme treatment that would help ensure a safe passage to the septic tank. This new Bio-Charge Injection works by introducing an array of microorganisms that create natural enzymes that help break down food wastes. And, because this injection technology activates every time the unit is used, it helps to eliminate the possibility of your septic tank’s backup.

I’m sure many of you may still have reservations about how having a garbage disposal will affect the septic system. There is no need to worry. This unit provides results –the success of many users show how beneficial this system is. Many customers cite that InSinkErator’s Evolution system is the sole reason for their septic system’s continued functional running. Other homeowners who have had previous problems with drain lines (as is common with other disposal units) explain that their issues have been alleviated with this product. The cutting edge technology explained above helps to keep excess waste at bay, ensuring that your tank doesn’t fill up, and that your drain lines don’t clog.

There is no need to fear for the longevity of the unit either – not only is the product proven to last and proven to benefit your septic system for years to come - but it is also guaranteed under their We Come To You 4-year In-Home warrantee. InSinkErator care about their customers and are invested in your happy and continued use of their products.

So, if you are interested in installing a garbage disposal unit, or even on the market for a new one – give the InSinkErator Evolution Assist ¾ HP Garbage Disposal a try. The Evolution Series is the best system to help ensure your septic tank continues to work properly, no matter any “extra” waste you may throw at it.

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