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Septic Tank Discharge - The Risks and Prevention

Drinkable water has become a hot topic of discussion as of late. And while major instances may not be effecting you, or anywhere around you - there is still cause for concern.

The United States' primary source of drinkable water is actually a natural, subterranean source; groundwater. Groundwater is found flowing through the soil under the earth's surface. Governmental agencies use wells to extract the groundwater in order to provide the population with a natural, affordable source of public drinking water.  And, because it is not open to the elements, groundwater is less likely to become polluted than surface water.Septic Tank Discharge Zoom

However, when problems do occur, groundwater is also a lot more difficult to restore to its original pure state than surface water because of its hidden nature. When polluted, groundwater can become a danger to not only the environment, but also to you and your family. And so, it is in part up to you - the homeowner, to insure that these problems are never given a chance to happen.

Our product, Activator 1000 is designed to combat one of the largest causes of groundwater contamination; septic tank discharge. Septic tanks, while designed to be self-governing systems - are machines like any other, and need to be consistently maintained to insure proper function. So - how are you causing problems in your septic system and furthermore, your environment? Simply put; through inaction.

Septic tanks break down solids through a biological system. Solid wastes are liquefied by the naturally forming enzymes and bacteria present in your tank. This liquid is further purified as it filters through the tank and is ultimately discharged into the soil of your drainage fields. If properly maintained, this isn't a problem. But, if given the change to build up, solid wastes may also overflow and drain into your fields as well - contaminating the very soil that makes up the natural wells of groundwater.

Your septic tank is an ecosystem and must be treated as such. By introducing harsh chemicals (i.e. bleach, detergents, chlorine) to your system, you kill off the microorganisms that keep it functioning normally. Activator 1000 works by replenishing your system with a concentrated dose of those essential bacteria and enzymes. As soon as you flush the product down the commode, our product starts working. Our product is so potent that only a small monthly dose is necessary to ensure that your septic tank's ecosystem is healthy. And, If properly used, Activator 1000 cuts the need to pump out your tank; there should be no chance of any sort of backup, buildup or drainage.

Groundwater pollution is a very real possibility - especially amongst those who use septic tank systems. Preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring that your septic tank doesn't discharge. By using Activator 1000, and properly preventing your septic tank you are doing your part towards keeping the ecosystem balanced and suitably maintained.

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