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Septic Tank Care And Activator 1000 Septic Tank Treatment

Your septic system is the most vital element in your home. Everyday, you create waste water in your home. Every time you brush your teeth, wash your hands, flush the toilet, wash dishes, wash clothes, even turn on the faucet or pour something down your drain, your septic system is responsible for purifying that water before it can be returned to the ground. Billions of bacteria throughout the septic system work continuously, every minute of every day and night, to decompose solids in the tank. Even though your septic system never stops working, it is one of the most overlooked systems in your home. Most homeowners neglect their septic systems because it is underground, and as the saying goes, ” Out of sight, out of mind.”

Blog ImagesBecause your septic system is buried underground, you never know how your septic tank system is working, that is unless it is giving you a problem. The number one cause of septic system failure is improper septic maintenance and improper use. Ideally a septic tank should only contain 3 things: water, human waste, and toilet paper. Unfortunately we do not live ideally and people use their septic tanks as garbage cans, causing solids to build up in the septic tank. The build up of solids reduces the effective capacity of the tank. On the other hand, even when people try to manage what goes into their tank, sometimes chemicals from the products we use to clean our homes, bathe, and even brush or teeth get into the septic system and kill the vital bacteria that are needed to digest sewage (waste-water and solids). When there are not enough bacteria in the septic system , solids are not fully decomposed, meaning there is a greater risk of solids clogging pipes and soil beneath the drainfield. But how would you know if there was build up of solids, or a severe loss / lack of bacteria in the system? Clogs, back-ups, surface water, and odors are just some signs that your septic system is unbalanced and may be failing.

Without proper septic maintenance and septic tank treatment, your septic tank is being abused. While septic tank systems require very little maintenance, not taking preventative measures to protect your septic system is like waiting for a bomb to go off : you will eventually have septic problems.. Most people feel that is better to be safe than sorry. Just as you change the oil in your car so your motor stays lubricated and you don’t have car trouble, you should maintain the bacteria in your septic tank, so it continues to work without problems. Using a septic tank treatment once a month to boost the bacteria levels in your septic system will eliminate and prevent septic tank problems altogether.

While the effectiveness of septic tank additives remains debatable among septic tank experts, because controlled testing is difficult to accomplish, many tests done in private laboratories have proved that biological septic tank treatments are effective at reducing solids in waste water, and liquefying solids in the septic system(tank, pipes, soil). One septic tank treatment that has been used in environmental controlled testing and has been proven very effective is Activator 1000 Septic tank cleaning formula.

Blog image Activator 1000 is an all natural septic tank treatment that contains only high-quality bacteria and enzymes. This septic tank treatment contains hundreds of billions of natural bacteria that has been cultivated, freeze-dried and combined with three problem solving enzymes that speed up waste degradation, bacterial growth and reproduction. When it is flushed down the commode the fast-acting septic tank treatment formula immediately begins digesting sludge and solids throughout the system. Just one scoop of Activator 1000 can liquefy up to 200 pounds of solid waste overnight. This increases the amount of space in the septic tank , allowing water to slow down enough for proper treatment.

Activator 1000 septic tank treatment is designed to be used as a preventative septic maintenance treatment. It is guaranteed to prevent septic tank problems and frequent pump outs for as long as it is used as directed. Monthly applications of Activator 1000 not only prevent septic odors, clogs, back ups, and drain field problems, it is also guaranteed to eliminate existing septic tank problems.

How do you Know Activator 1000 Works?

Activator 1000 septic tank treatment has many applications. It can be used to prevent or eliminate septic tank problems, and it can also be used to clear slow drains and grease traps. Since septic systems need bacteria for them to function, using a septic tank treatment that IS bacteria enhances the performance of your septic system. When it is used every month a strong level of bacteria is maintained and your septic system is not effected by chemicals that kill or stress bacteria normally. Most people who purchase Activator 1000 do not have septic problems, so they won’t see an obvious difference in the way their septic system works, so how do they know that the septic tank treatment is working and not just a waste of money?


Blog ImageEvery time you flush down a scoop of Activator 1000 septic tank treatment you are helping to prevent clogs, back-ups, odor, drainfield problems, surface water, and costly pump outs. Just one of these problems could cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars to correct. Using Activator 1000 once a month for 5 years will cost less than 1 pump out. As stated before, your septic system is underground, if you are not experiencing any problems, you will not see an extreme difference in the way your septic tank system works, however over time you will appreciate the lack of problems, and the money you can save by not having to pump-out your septic tank as frequently. Activator 1000 septic tank treatment also comes with a money-back guarantee. When used once a month as directed, Activator 1000 will prevent all septic tank problems, or you will be refunded the cost of the septic tank treatment. Because one septic problem could cost thousands of dollars to repair, spending a few dollars a month to prevent them with a septic tank treatment is much easier, and inexpensive.

On the other hand, Activator 1000 is a powerful septic tank treatment made of high potency bacteria and problem solving enzymes that immediately go to work in your system to liquefy solids that not only take up space in the tank but clog vital lines to the tank and in the drainfield. Billions of bacteria instantly attack organic waste and restore balance to your septic system. People experiencing problems will see an extreme physical difference in as little as 30 days. Monthly treatments of Activator 1000 ensures your septic tank system will function effectively without problems for as long as you continue to use it.

While pumping out your septic tank does nothing to aid in the maintenance of your septic system , and actually removes the bacteria from the system , Activator 1000 flows out the the drainfield increasing bacteria levels in the lateral lines and soil , as well as the septic tank. Septic tank problems and even pump-outs, are expensive and labor intensive, while using Activator 1000 septic tank treatment is as easy as flushing the toilet. Failing septic systems are the leading cause of groundwater contamination, protect your septic system and the environment by using Activator 1000 an all natural septic tank treatment that is safe for humans, animals, plants, and all plastic and metal piping.

Blog ImageActivator 1000 has been tested in private environment control tests and has been proven to work right away against organic build up. It has also been accepted by the U.S.D.A. The money back-guarantee that comes with every Activator 1000 septic tank treatment purchase, takes the risk and worry out of septic maintenance. Whether you are trying to solve and existing septic problem , or want to prevent one, Activator 1000 septic tank treatment works.

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