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Is Activator 1000 Septic Tank Treatment Toxic to Animals?

Billions of naturally occurring bacteria throughout the septic tank system are responsible for the degradation of solid waste and the purification of waste water. These “good” bacteria are regularly deposited into the system every time waste water is created. They come from our bodies, and other materials that go into the septic system. A high level of “good” bacteria is absolutely necessary for the septic tank system to function effectively, however other chemicals and antibacterial products that get into the septic system harm, stress, and kill these bacteria on a daily basis. Activator 1000 is an all natural septic tank treatment product that contains only the good bacteria and enzymes that are already found in septic tanks already. These “good” bacteria are cultivated, freeze-dried, and packaged for the use of preventative septic maintenance. When Activator 1000 is used (flushed down the toilet), billions of natural bacteria and enzymes are added to the septic system to replenish the bacteria level. Activator 1000 also immediately goes to work to liquefy sludge and solid waste throughout the septic system.

All Activator 1000 septic tank cleaning formulas are guaranteed completely safe for humans, animals, and all plant life. There are no chemicals or fillers in Activator 1000 septic tank treatment products. Every strain of bacteria that is contained in the Activator 1000 septic tank treatment products have been and are exposed to humans, animals, and plant life naturally and regularly. Even the enzymes contained in Activator 1000 are salmonella negative, non-pathogenic, non-toxic, and harmless to humans and animals. Because Activator 1000 is completely natural it is also safe all plastic and metal pipes, plumbing fixtures, drains, septic tanks , cesspools, and drainfields. Unlike chemical based septic tank cleaners that can cause physical damage to the structure of the septic tank, Activator 1000 is a biological septic tank treatment.

Everyday, antibacterial products ( such as soap, dish / laundry detergent, toothpaste,etc) household cleaners, and other chemicals get into the septic system and adversely effect the “good” bacteria needed to effectively treat waste water. Septic tank cleaners that contain harsh chemicals can negatively effect (kill) the “good” bacteria in the septic system. Because Activator 1000 only contains “good” septic tank bacteria and enzymes, when it is added to the septic tank system once a month, it reverses the effects of the “bacteria killers.” (any chemical or product that kills the “good” bacteria) Replacing bacteria and adding additional good bacteria increases the effective capacity of the septic tank without introducing foreign substances to the septic system. Because Activator 1000 septic tank treatment is naturally occurring septic tank bacteria and enzymes that are cultivated, freeze-dried, and packaged, the septic system continues to function naturally, there is no chemical or ecological change inside the system.

Septic tank systems are the number one source of ground water contamination and a leading cause of environmental pollution. Activator 1000 is a company dedicated to protecting the environment and all of its life. Using Activator 1000 septic tank treatment once a month as a preventative septic maintenance, will eliminate and prevent septic tank problems that may potentially cause harm to the environment and our health. When used monthly as directed, Activator 1000 has been proved to decrease the amount of solids in the effluent that leaves the septic tank, increasing the life of the drainfield.

After an independent research group, specialists in practical biotechnology, performed many tests on Activator 1000, results proved it to be an effective biological septic maintenance product. Activator 1000 septic tank treatment has also been accepted by the U.S.D.A., Product Safety Branch, Food Ingredient Assessment Division. The E.P.A and other waste water experts have not found any proof that biological septic tank additives negatively effect the environment in any way. Because Activator 1000 is biological septic tank additive that contains only “good” bacteria and enzymes that naturally occur, it is completely safe for the environment and its human, animal, and plant-life.

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