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Monthly Septic Tank Treatment Immediately Works to Reverses Septic System Failure

Septic systems usually require minimal maintenance to run properly for years. However, minimal septic maintenance does not mean none. There are 3 things septic tank owners should do regularly to increase the capabilities of their system. Limit the amount of water that goes into the septic tank, limit the amount of solids that are not biodegradable or organic, and use a septic tank treatment product that contains bacteria and enzymes monthly. Following these septic maintenance tips could save you from the adversity of a failing septic system.

A failing septic system can cause pollution to the ground water and surface water, as well as pose potential health hazards for people in and around the household. Septic systems can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair or replace if the problems are not detected and addressed quickly.

How can you tell if you have a failing septic system?  


There are quite a few indicators that your septic system is not running the way that it should. Even though the problems may not necessarily indicate that your septic system is failing, a problem with your septic system is evidence that your septic tank is not functioning properly. If your system isn’t failing at the least it signifies a serious need for septic tank cleaning The Remedy for most septic tank problems is septic tank cleaning. Some clues that there is something wrong with you septic system are : 


  • Muddy soil or surface water around the septic tank or drain field 
  • Sewage smells / foul odors around the septic system or inside your home
  • Back-ups when you do laundry, take showers or flush the toilet.                                                                                                                                                    

These are minor problems and all of these can usually be solved by using a septic tank treatment that contains bacteria and enzymes. Flushing a scoop of the all natural septic treatment product once a week for a month(then once a month after that) immediately after discovering any of these issues, will correct them and reduce the risk re-occurring issues.

Knowing the cause of a septic tank problem will help to determine how well your septic system is working or how poorly it isn’t.

1.Problem: slow drains , water backing- up into the house and drains(usually basement) or drains that make gurgling sounds

 Cause: There is an obstruction or blockage somewhere in the system line either between the house and septic tank or at the septic tank level.( scum layer blocking the inlet pipe leading into the tank.

Remedy: Use a septic tank treatment product that contains bacteria and enzymes. Mix one pre-measured scoop of the septic treatment product with 1 Quart of warm water. Pour this down the problem drain. This will add bacteria to the lines in the beginning of the system so that they can work to decompose any solid that is causing the obstruction. Another solution is to pump-out the septic tank. This is the least advised because it has severe drawbacks ( removing the bacteria from the septic system) and still calls for a septic tank treatment to replenish the bacteria.

2.Problem: Wet or Soggy Drain Field ; Foul odors coming from the field

Cause: Outlet baffle failure or a clog in the drain field. (90% of drain field clogs are temporary and easily resolved) When properly working. effluent or water leaves the septic tank through an outlet baffle. When the tank is overfull, or the tank lacks a sufficient amount of bacteria, solids are pushed into the outlet lines causing clogs.

Remedy: Use a septic tank treatment product with a high count of bacteria, before calling a plumber to pump out your septic. Most times a drain field clog can be resolved this easily. If a pump out is necessary, immediately add a septic tank treatment following the pump out to replenish the bacteria removed by the pump out. The last resort would be to develop a second drain field. This is expensive and labor intensive.

3. Problem: House drain doesn’t work, Back-ups

 Cause : First assume that you have a clog. House sewer lines clog more often then septic systems fail.

Remedy:This can be fixed by running a plumbers snake down the drain to remove the clog. OR Use a septic tank treatment product that contains bacteria and enzymes. Mix one pre-measured scoop of the septic treatment product with 1 Quart of warm water. Pour this down the problem drain. If you try both and the water does not go down there may be a clog in the inlet lines going to the septic tank which can usually be cleared up with plumbing equipment.

By knowing how to solve septic tank problems, immediately addressing them, and using a septic tank treatment to clean and maintain your septic system, you will eliminate, prevent and reduce the chance of reoccurring issues. Septic tank cleaning with a potent bacterial septic tank treatment can reverse a septic tank from failing. Continuing to use a septic treatment product for monthly septic maintenance will replace, replenish, and boost the bacteria in your septic system. Keeping up with a functioning system is better than having to repair, replace, or rebuild a failing septic system.


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