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Monthly Septic Tank Treatment is the Most Effective Septic Tank Cleaning

Most people associate septic tank cleaning with hiring a professional to remove the contents of their septic tank with a vacuum truck. Not only are septic tank pumping expensive, often yards are destroyed from digging to uncover the septic tank lid. Ironically pumping out the septic tank removes the septic bacteria that are needed to digest waste in the septic tank system. When the bacteria in the middle of the septic tank system are removed the system becomes out of balance, causing problems in the drainfield and pipes. The septic tank does not efficiently treat waste water and the strain is put on the drainfield. Pipes become narrow due to waste build up and the soil clogs preventing effluent to percolate downward. Septic tank problems are left untreated or unnoticed because septic tank pump-outs only temporarily fix the real cause of septic tank problems.

While most waste-water experts agree a properly maintained septic tank system should only be pumped out once every 12-15 years, a majority of septic tank owners have their tanks pumped out every 3-5 years or even more frequently. In point of fact, the septic tank system was not designed to be pumped out and it was not until many years later that the vacuum truck was invented. A significant raise in improper septic maintenance and poor septic tank care has lead to an increase in the amount of septic tank failure. Many counties and municipalities across the United States, now have laws requiring homeowners to have their septic tank pumped out every year or two, to prevent against septic system failure.

Septic tank cleaning refers to the decrease , or degradation of solid waste in the septic tank. Septic tank bacteria naturally digest and liquefy solid waste in the septic tank, as well as remove pathogens and further purify effluent in the drainfield. By increasing the amount of septic tank bacteria by using a monthly septic tank cleaning product, the amount of solid waste in the tank will be decreased. Septic tank cleaning is necessary every month, not just once every few years. An all natural septic tank treatment containing bacteria and enzymes should be used once a month as part of a septic maintenance routine to ensure optimal waste water treatment and septic system function.

Ideally, the septic tank should only contain toilet paper and human waste. Unfortunately, homeowners abuse their septic tank systems, sometimes even unintentionally, by disposing of waste that can clog or even kill bacteria in the septic system. When chemicals and antibacterial agents kill bacteria in the septic system, solid waste accumulates, decreasing the effective capacity of the septic tank. It is important to monitor what goes into the septic tank system , so that only biodegradable waste is disposed. Because bacteria are critical for the septic system to function, using a septic tank cleaning product every month will ensure there are enough bacteria to digest the accumulation of solids and to replace the bacteria that is lost due to improper use of the septic tank. Homeowners living in areas where they are required to have their septic tank pumped out every other year or less, benefit greatly from the use of a monthly septic tank cleaning product. While many homeowners might believe frequent pump-outs prevent septic tank failure, it is not true. Septic tank pump-outs only temporarily fix the underlying septic tank problems such as odors, surface water, back-ups, and other drainfield problems. Using a monthly septic tank treatment, restores balance to the system by replacing the bacteria that was removed from pump-outs. Monthly septic tank treatment also reverses the effects of anti bacterial agents in soaps, detergents, shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc. Proper septic tank care doesn’t mean emptying the contents of the septic tank system, it means maintaining a strong level of bacteria to effectively treat household waste water in a safe and cost efficient manor. It is important to realize that using the septic tank appropriately can prevent septic tank failure. The septic tank is not a trash can, therefore disposing of anything other than human waste and toilet paper can significantly decrease the effective capacity of the septic tank and kill the critical septic tank bacteria responsible for waste degradation. While pumping out the septic tank may temporarily fix septic tank problems, removing the bacteria in the septic tank leaves the system out of balance potentially causing even worse problems in the drainfield and pipes. Septic maintenance once a month with an all natural septic tank treatment is the most effective septic tank cleaning because it increases the amount of septic tank bacteria throughout the system. Septic tanks that are pumped out frequently benefit greatly from monthly septic tank treatments.

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