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Can I Add Too Much Bacteria to the Septic System?

Billions of bacteria colonies throughout the septic tank system break down biodegradable material and remove harmful pathogens from household waste-water. The use of anti bacterial soaps and detergents, among other household cleaners and disinfectants, kill these vital bacteria and hinder the function of the septic tank system. Adding a septic tank treatment that contains septic tank bacteria and enzymes to the septic tank system will restore balance to the system by replenishing and boosting the bacteria level. These septic tank treatment products are designed to be used once every 3-6 weeks, for optimal septic maintenance and preventative septic tank care. Excessive use or over-dosing of an all natural septic tank treatment that contains only bacteria and enzymes will not harm the septic tank system.

Since bacteria in the septic tank system are responsible for the degradation of solids and sludge, increasing the amount of bacteria throughout the system will increase the effective capacity of the septic tank because more solid waste will be digested. In fact, adding additional bacteria to the septic tank system replenishes the bacteria that are killed by chemicals (cleaners, anti bacterial soaps and detergents) regularly used in the home. Using an all natural septic tank treatment each month, ensures a strong level of bacteria throughout the septic tank system.

There is no such thing as too much bacteria in the septic tank, as long as it comes from an all natural septic tank treatment product that contains only bacteria and enzymes. While exceeding the directed dose of septic tank bacteria does not cause harm to the septic system, it is unnecessary (wasteful) because the recommended dose is absolutely sufficient for eliminating and preventing septic tank problems. Many septic tank cleaners contain ingredients that are ineffective. Using too much of a septic tank additive that contains fillers or inert ingredients can potentially clog pipes or cause other harm to the septic tank system. Any septic tank treatment product containing chemicals should be used sparingly, or not at all. The chemicals in these septic tank cleaners can kill the septic tank bacteria and cause damage to the structure of the septic tank as well. Many people believe using yeast in place of a septic tank treatment will enhance the performance of their septic tank, however too much yeast causes a frothing action. The gas created by the froth prevents solids from settling to the bottom of the tank, consequently increasing effluent solids and potential clogs.

The monthly use of an natural septic tank treatment containing only bacteria and enzymes is a very effective approach to preventative septic maintenance. By consistently adding billions of bacteria to the septic tank system, the amount of solids in the septic tank, pipes, and drainfield are drastically reduced, preventing and eliminating all potential septic tank problems. Septic tank bacteria are the most crucial element in the septic tank system and in household waste-water treatment. Regularly using a septic tank treatment that contains only bacteria and enzymes is a critical part of septic maintenance and optimal septic tank care. Can I add too much bacteria to the septic tank system?

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