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The Septic Tank Digestive Tract

If your home was a person, the septic tank system would very much be the digestive system.  Thinking of your septic tank this way will give you a better understanding of how it works and how it should be cared for.

The digestive tract starts at the mouth. This is where food enters your body and is combined with saliva so it can be broken down. The sinks, drains and toilets in your home are like the mouths. Waste combines with water, (waste water) so that it can be broken down in the “stomach” more easily.

Continuing on the digestive tract, “food” goes down the esophagus to the stomach. In your home pipes carry the waste water to the septic tank. The septic tank is the stomach of your homes digestive system. This is where the waste and waste water are stored until they are broken down further. Bacteria decompose the waste. This is also true in our bodies as well, bacteria and other acids break down food in our stomachs.

The waste water in the septic tank leaves through pipes that carry it away to the leach field where it is further treated. This is similar to the small intestines. Now in a liquid or paste consistency, the food goes to the small intestines where it is further broken down before what is left of the food we ate goes on to the large intestine, or colon.

In the leach field waste water is released by the pipes into sand or gravel where microbes and bacteria further decompose the waste so that we are left with pure water that enters into our water cycle. The treated water also winds up in our ground water supplies. Obviously, at the end of a human digestive track, waste is released and the nutrients obtained from the food is stored in our bodies for energy.

Pro-biotics are bacteria that are beneficial to their host ( the human body) . They contains “good” bacteria that promote healthy digestion in our bodies. Probiotics also reduce the growth of harmful bacteria. They are found in foods as well as dietary supplements. Septic systems also need a supplement to help aid the “digestion” in the tank. Septic tank treatment products containing a high count of bacteria and enzymes can be compared to a probiotic dietary supplement or yogurt, for your stomach. Using such a septic tank cleaner will help the bacteria in your tank grow and decompose waste. This kind of septic tank treatment will also replenish the bacteria that are killed by chemicals or bad bacteria.

Septic tanks systems are much like the digestive systems in our bodies. Like our bodies we need to watch what goes in it to make sure it runs properly. When we are sick we take medicine to correct the illness. When we are not sick we take vitamins to prevent ourselves from getting sick. Septic systems are the same way, by watching what we put in out septic tanks and using a septic tank treatment product that contains bacteria and enzymes (like vitamins and medicine) we can ensure that they will run safely and properly.

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