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Do I Really Need To Use A Septic Tank Treatment

Many people believe that you do not need to use a septic tank treatment. Improperly maintained septic tanks and drain fields can and will fail if not treated with a septic tank bacterial treatment on a regular monthly basis. The septic tank is a very important component of the septic system. This is the container for the waste water that a household produces daily. This enables the liquid waste to remain clear of solid wastes by the time it enters the drain field.

Activator 1000
Septic Tank Treatment

Using a monthly treatment product can assure that the organic build up in the septic system and drain field is digested. If the septic tank is well kept then the rest of the septic system runs smoothly. You want to stay clear of incompetent products that tent to be a waste of money. They usually put fillers in there products which can cause damage. You would want to use a septic treatment like Activator 1000. Its a combination of enzymes and two natural forming bacterial agents. It activates the bacteria that is already in the tank and adds additional bacteria which helps break down and liquefies solid wastes, grease, and paper products.

Your probably thinking now how do I even know if the septic treatment is working? If you already have an existing problem you will see a physical difference within the first month. While a lot of our customers do not have an existing problem they still use it as a preventative maintenance.

Change of Seasons

The seasons play a big roll with your septic tank. Fall to winter can do immeasurable damage on your septic systems especially when there is already an existing problem. The colder weather slows down the bacterial activity. Which then leads to the bacteria levels to grow low and result in sold waste to pile up. That is why using  a septic tank treatment is going to help all the situations you may encounter with your septic system.

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