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Why Using a Septic Tank Treatment is the best way to maintain your septic tank.

Septic tank systems need to be maintained regularly to function safely and properly. How you choose your course of septic maintenance is completely up to you. Most people set their tanks and forget about them until there is a problem. It takes a funky smell some surface water in the bathroom or out in the yard, or the pleasant surprise of backed up or clogged toilets and drains before they do anything. At this point, your septic system is sending up the red flags, its failing. Your septic tank is underground so you never really know how its working, especially if you are not maintaining it regularly. Rather than spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair or resurrect your septic system , using a septic tank treatment designed for preventative septic maintenance will only cost a few dollars every month.

The average cost of having your septic tank pumped-out is $228.02. If you pump out your septic every two years that is more than a hundred dollars a year, and there is no guarantee that your septic tank or leach field won’t fail anyway. Not only are pump-outs costly, they are labor intensive. Just finding the tanks entrance and digging up the earth to reveal its door can take hours. Then there is the danger of being exposed to toxic gases and having to find a professional to pump it out and inspect the tank. What a hassle, not to mention the big whole it’ll put in your wallet.

Wouldn’t it be great if your septic tank just took care of itself? Septic maintenance can be as easy as flushing the toilet, literally. Activator 1000 is a septic tank treatment product that contains a high count of bacteria and enzymes. It is specifically designed to prevent problems and costly pump-outs. When you flush the septic tank cleaning formula down the toilet, it immediately goes to work in your septic tank. Its easy to measure too, because it comes with a measuring scoop. Flushing 2 scoops the first and second month, is literally the extent of your effort. Then once a month you can flush down just 1 scoop and be done.

Even if your septic system has been sending up the red flags, and you are experiencing all the problems of a failing septic system, its not too late to start maintaining your septic tank the right way. Its still just as easy as flushing your toilet. Flushing 1 scoop of all natural septic tank cleaning formula once a WEEK for a month, will eliminate your existing problem. The best part about this septic tank treatment as it doubles as an all natural drain cleaner for problem drains and grease traps. Run hot water for 1 minute before dropping a scoop down the problem drain will clear up the clog.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to know that your tank is functioning to the best of its ability? By literally flushing your toilet once a month, with the best septic tank treatment, you will never have to worry about the national average cost of a septic pump out. You won’t have to worry about finding and digging up your septic tank. Your septic system will be enhanced with bacteria and enzymes that help decompose the waste. Be prepared and use a septic tank treatment product that is cost efficient and very simple to use.

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