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The Role of Enzymes in Septic Tank Treatment

Heather M

Sewage is created every time a toilet is flushed, a shower is taken, or something is washed down a drain. 25% of homes in the U.S. rely on septic tank systems, on-site waste water treatment facilities, to treat and dispose of household waste water. Septic tank systems are an effective, inexpensive, and low maintenance alternative where public sewer is unavailable. Proper treatment of waste water is required for health, and environmental reasons before it can be disposed of. Bacteria in the septic system are responsible for the degradation of organic waste. Billions of bacteria throughout the septic system break down solid waste and purify water, resulting in a functioning septic tank system. While bacteria play an extremely important role in the septic tank system, they do not work alone. As the bacteria metabolize, grow, and divide, enzymes are created. Enzymes...

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