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Safe & Effective Household Cleaning Tips for Homes with Septic Tank Systems

Heather M

Making your home an attractive, comfortable, and safe place begins with cleaning. Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits, cleaning removes dirt, dust, allergens, and other infectious agents from the home to promote a healthful indoor environment. Every day we execute some form of cleaning in our homes, whether its sweeping, washing dishes, taking out the trash, or simply washing down a counter top. Because household cleaning products are a convenient and easy way to clean, people overlook the effects these products have on our health and our environment. Cleaning products are also very effective at killing undesired bacteria, however not all bacteria is bad, especially if you have a septic tank system. Bacteria are the most important component of a septic tank system. Responsible for breaking down solid waste and removing pathogens from waste water, bacteria are essentially what makes...

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