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Proper Septic Tank Care When Doing Laundry

Heather M

Not every home in the US has a septic tank system,however, more than 82% of homes have a washing machine, or clothes washer. Many homeowners neglect to properly maintain their septic tank systems, while laundry, the process of washing clothes, has become a typical household chore in America. Washing machines are the standard means by which Americans wash their clothing and linens, to sustain cleanliness and healthy living. What many people do not know is that washing machines are a leading cause of septic system failure. Because washing machines contribute a lot of water, dirt, lint, and detergents to the septic system, making some changes to your laundry routine may prevent costly septic tank problems and promote optimal septic tank care. Just one load of laundry uses 40-60 gallons of water. Overloading your septic tank system with water can cause...

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