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Can I Add Too Much Bacteria to the Septic System?

Heather M

Billions of bacteria colonies throughout the septic tank system break down biodegradable material and remove harmful pathogens from household waste-water. The use of anti bacterial soaps and detergents, among other household cleaners and disinfectants, kill these vital bacteria and hinder the function of the septic tank system. Adding a septic tank treatment that contains septic tank bacteria and enzymes to the septic tank system will restore balance to the system by replenishing and boosting the bacteria level. These septic tank treatment products are designed to be used once every 3-6 weeks, for optimal septic maintenance and preventative septic tank care. Excessive use or over-dosing of an all natural septic tank treatment that contains only bacteria and enzymes will not harm the septic tank system. Since bacteria in the septic tank system are responsible for the degradation of solids and sludge,...

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