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Regular Septic Maintenance and Septic Tank Treatment Prevents Environmental Hazards

Heather M

Septic tank systems are small on-site waste water treatment facilities that are used in homes where municipal sewage connections are unavailable. Almost 25% of the homes in the US use a septic tank system to treat their waste water. While septic systems are cost efficient alternatives to larger sewage treatment facilities, they are also the largest contributors of waste water to the ground and unfortunately, the main source of ground water contamination. When neglected a septic system can pose serious hazards to the environment and to the health of people closest too it. The waste water that enters a septic system contains dangerous pathogens, bacteria, viruses, parasites (worms and protozoans), and fungi. When maintained properly, a functioning septic system contains microorganisms that will effectively filter, decompose, and remove harmful pathogens before it is returned to the ground. However, when a...

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