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Septic Tank Discharge - The Risks and Prevention

Courtney Massey

Drinkable water has become a hot topic of discussion as of late. And while major instances may not be effecting you, or anywhere around you - there is still cause for concern. The United States' primary source of drinkable water is actually a natural, subterranean source; groundwater. Groundwater is found flowing through the soil under the earth's surface. Governmental agencies use wells to extract the groundwater in order to provide the population with a natural, affordable source of public drinking water.  And, because it is not open to the elements, groundwater is less likely to become polluted than surface water. However, when problems do occur, groundwater is also a lot more difficult to restore to its original pure state than surface water because of its hidden nature. When polluted, groundwater can become a danger to not only the environment, but...

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