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Getting Rid of Septic Tank Odors

Heather M

Septic tank odors are a “di-stink-tive” sign that your septic tank is not functioning as it should. In some causes the problem may simply an issue with a drain or pipe, more often it is a problem in the tank. Let’s face it, septic tanks are giant receptacles for human waste; however, they are designed to contain odors. There are many reasons why you may be plagued by the stinky septic smells depending where the odor is coming from. The terrible smell of septic waste is not only offensive but may also be a serious health risk. Septic systems hold human waste and water from the home. Inside, micro-organisms, bacteria, digest and break down the waste. The breakdown of waste produces methane and hydrogen sulfide gases. Septic tank systems are required to have a vent installed, to prevent the build...

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