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What’s Harmful, and What’s Safe For Your Septic Tank

Heather M

Have you ever wondered what you use to clean your house, if its safe or if its harmful for your septic tank? As you may already be aware that some household products that you use contain chemicals. These chemicals in products kill the bacteria. Which can upset the balance in the septic tank that can lead to back ups, foul odors, and become very costly. Your septic tank depends on healthy bacteria to keep it functioning properly. Here is a list of products that are recommended to use that are also safe for the septic tanks and a few that aren’t recommended. This is only some of the many major brands and examples.  Automatic dishwasher detergents Amway Electrasol Tabs Shoppers Value lemon fresh Wave Gel  Not Recommended All Cascade (Powder & Gel) Electrasol (Powder & Gel) Sun Light Palmolive (Gel)...

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