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Conserving Water Contributes to Optimal Septic Tank Care

Heather M

A properly maintained septic system could last for many years. Most homes have a standard septic tank that can hold 1200- 1500 gallons. It is important to know what size septic tank your home has because 75% of all drainfield failures occur due to overloading the system with water. Water usage and waste disposal habits are important factors in proper septic tank care.  The purpose of a septic tank is to slow down the flow of waste water enough so that solids can settle to the bottom of the tank. In the septic tank waste separates into 3 layers : Top layer: Scum layer that consists of material lighter than water , like grease, Middle: Effluent, liquid waste. Outlet and inlet baffles are located in the middle of the tank (where the effluent is) so that the top and bottom...

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