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Will Household Bleach Harm My Septic System

Heather M

Standard household bleach may be considered the most handy and useful household product because of its countless uses. Most commonly used for whitening whites and removing stains, bleach is more than just an ordinary laundry detergent. It is also used to kill germs and sanitize just about everything. Most toilet bowl cleaners, various household cleaners and disinfectants also contain bleach. It is so versatile that it is also an effective pesticide and fungicide. This means that it kills bacteria and viruses as well as fungi, and many other germs. Some may say that chlorine bleach is the ultimate household necessity. But what happens when bleach gets into your septic system? Different kinds of bacteria throughout the septic system decompose and treat the waster water from your home. Since standard household bleach is so widely used throughout the home it isn’t...

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