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Cleaning Powder Formula

Activator 1000 Septic Tank Treatment Store

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$ 119.90

Length of supply Price per Month
24 Month Supply $ 119.90 $4.99
36 Month Supply $ 149.00 $4.14
60 Month Supply $ 199.90 $3.33

Product description

Activator 1000 Septic tank cleaning formula is the best septic tank treatment for monthly preventative maintenance. The all natural powder formula contains high quality bacteria strains and problem solving enzymes that rejuvenate and restore balance to any septic tank system from newer systems that need an initial boost to restoring systems that are exhibiting problems. Activator 1000 Septic tank Treatment contains no fillers, only billions of potent bacteria and enzymes that have been cultivated and freeze-dried. Activator 1000 septic tank cleaning powder has been proven to effectively liquefy solids and sludge throughout the entire septic tank system eliminating effluent solids, that are the cause of back-ups, clogs, and major drainfield problems.

Activator 1000 septic tank cleaning formula is engineered to prevent any and all septic tank problems: clogs, back-ups, odors, surface water, drainfeild problems. Monthly use of Activator 1000 powder septic tank cleaning formula eliminates the need for frequent pump outs by putting billions of fast acting bacteria into the septic system to quickly increase the fermentation process, liquefying and purifying all solid waste. Monthly use of Activator 1000 powder formula increases the life span the septic system and guarantees a problem free septic tank for as long as the product is used. Once a month treatments of Activator 1000 eliminate all septic tank problems, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars that may have been spent on costly repairs or frequent pump outs.

The affordable septic tank treatment formula is also very easy to use: Just once each month, use the contained measuring cup to flush one scoop of Activator 1000 Powder Septic Tank Treatment down the commode. The potent bacteria/ enzyme formula immediately goes to work over night, producing noticeable results within the first 30 days. Stressed or problem systems will exhibit results within the first few days. For best results, use Activator 1000 Septic Tank Cleaning Powder once every month to ensure a properly maintained septic system that will last for many years without any problems, guaranteed.