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Strength Liquid Tank Treatment Formula

Activator 1000 Septic Tank Treatment Store

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$ 118.90

Length of supply Price per Month
1 Bottle - 18 Months $ 118.90 $6.61
2 Bottles – 36 Months +$80.00 $ 179.90 $4.99
4 Bottles – 72 Months +$250.00 $ 349.90 $4.84

Product description

Activator 1000 Liquid Septic Tank Treatment Formula is a highly concentrated blend of the highest quality bacteria and enzymes for immediate degradation of sludge and solids throughout the entire septic system from the drain lines to the drainfield. Activator 1000 Liquid Septic Tank Cleaning formula is the best septic tank treatment for commercial grade septic tanks and overloaded septic tank systems where there are more than one bathroom in the home or many occupants in the home contributing to excessive water use and waste water.

Just one cap full of Activator 1000 every 3-6 weeks will increase the effective capacity of the septic tank by liquefying the sludge and solid build up: optimizing water treatment and preventing clogs, back-ups, septic odors, surface water, slow drains, and frequent pump-outs.. The potent industrial strength liquid septic tank treatment is also recommended for restoring even the most stressed septic systems for example: homes where the toilets will no longer flush and the septic tank has backed up into the home, homes exhibiting surface water above the septic tank or drainfield. Activator 1000 Liquid septic tank cleaning formula immediately goes to work inside the septic system , dissolving sludge and solid waste within 24 hours of the first treatment. With systems exhibiting any problems, the fast acting formula produces noticeable results within just day, however monthly treatments are recommended for optimal septic tank cleaning and effective water treatment.

The bottle of Activator 1000 liquid septic tank treatment formula contains an 18 month supply of concentrated bacteria and enzymes. Each month just flush one cap full of Activator 1000 down the toilet. Activator 1000 Liquid Septic tank cleaning formula also acts as an all natural drain cleaner. Pouring one cap full of liquid Activator 1000 down any slow or clogged drain will eliminate the clog. All Activator 1000 septic tank cleaning products are backed by a satisfaction guarantee.