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Hidden Secret About Maintaining Your Septic Tank That Pump Out Companies Don't Want You To Know About Us

A Better Way To Keep Your Septic System Running Efficiently Long Term AND SAVE MONEY!


Find the key ingredients of a product that helps the waste in your septic tank break down naturally

Are you aware of what’s happening in your septic tank? It’s a thought that most people try not to think about, because, well, it’s gross. There are billions of bacteria harvesting and spreading in your tank within the fecal matter and waste that is sent from your house. But as your Septic Tank continues to fill and fill, the waste matter just gets stronger. So how can you work to break down the waste before it overflows your system and requires a costly pump out?

It's called Activator 1000. The concept is super simple. Rather than waiting for something to go wrong in your septic tank or a costly pump out. You proactively add the powder formula to your tank by flushing it down the toilet once per month. Then Activator 1000 gets to work by naturally breaking down the waste in your tank with organic bacteria and enzymes that proactively reduce the waste in your tank.

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Multiple factors contribute to your Septic Tanks problems. Activator 1000 has you covered on all of them!

  • Washing machine waste water
  • Dishwasher Draining
  • Toilets constantly flushing with waste material (especially with guests eating and drinking too much during the holidays)
  • Shower drain
  • The sink in the bathroom,kitchen, and slop sinks
  • The list just goes on and on for all the things that are contributing to your Septic Tank doing one thing: GETTING FULL
  • Activator1000 helps break down these waste materials in your tank

A full Septic Tank only means one thing; Time to call the Pump Out specialist company to pull their giant truck on your yard, ruin your grass, pump out all your waste, and hand you a fat bill that needs to be paid immediately.

Just a Few Easy Steps to Keep Your Tank Healthy

Did you know that the average septic tank pump out costs in excess of $400-500? And how are you sure the job is done properly and it was all pumped out. Who wants to pay out large sums of money to deal with this issue that is only going to happen to you again and again. With Activator1000 you actively prolong the length of your tank and avoid costly pump outs.

"My husband and I have owned our home for 25 years and have never had to pump our septic due to the regular maintenance by using this product."

-Mary T. - Verified Buyer

The Best Time To Start Treating Your Septic Tank is Today. But, what’s in the “secret sauce” of Activator1000?

Don't wait until it's too late, avoid surface water, odors, and costly pump outs by being pro-active with Activator1000

The all natural powder formula contains high quality bacteria strains and problem solving enzymes that rejuvenate and restore balance to any septic tank system from newer systems that need an initial boost to restoring systems that are exhibiting problems. Activator 1000 Septic tank Treatment contains no fillers, only billions of potent bacteria and enzymes that have been cultivated and freeze-dried. It has been proven to effectively liquefy solids and sludge throughout the entire septic tank system eliminating effluent solids that are the cause of back-ups, clogs, and major drainfield problems.

Activator 1000 septic tank cleaning formula is engineered by environmental scientists to prevent any and all septic tank problems: clogs, back-ups, odors, surface water, drainfield problems. Monthly use of Activator 1000 powder septic tank cleaning formula eliminates the need for frequent pump outs by putting billions of fast acting bacteria into the septic system to quickly increase the fermentation process, liquefying and purifying all solid waste.

What Do You Get With Activator1000?

Your Activator1000 package includes enough bacteria to last 24-60 months depending on the package you select. The more you buy the more you save. But more importantly you save exponentially on avoiding problems or hurting the value of your home with a damaged Septic Tank.

  • Avoid Frequent Costly Pump Outs
  • Avoid clogs, back-ups, odors, surface water, and drain field problems.
  • Don’t Waste Money on Unnecessary Repairs
  • Extend the life and longevity of your Septic System

What Are Actual Customers Saying About The Product?

"The bacteria that you guys produce is GREAT! I was having pretty bad problems with my drain lines my septic guy quoted me around 2500 to have everything done but i recieved a call from a nice fellow from activator 1000 and he sent me a 4 year supply assuring me that if i used it i wouldn't need to call my septic guy back to dig up my lines. but i used the product and it worked i paid 209 for the 4 year supply and its worth every penny. hell its already saved me 2300 dollars...Thanks guys"

Jessie V. - Verified Buyer

"I am very pleased with your product. Not only did it fix my septic problem, but it cost less then i have paid at some of the store where i have bought other septic tank treatments that didn't work. Also what was great was i didn't have to have anyone help me carry it, also storing it is easy considering the package is small. I will be telling all of my friends."

Georgia - Verified Buyer

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