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Septic Tank Cleaning Tips

Caring for your septic system WILL save you thousands of dollars.

When you move into a septic equipped home, you expect your system to be running normally, only because the previous owners kept it in line. As months or even years go by you learned more about your septic; you were excited only because you didn’t have to pay sewer-fees to the municipality. Depending on how filled your septic system is, you will begin to see the baggage that comes with it. If not now, you will begin to smell something not so pleasant, and a odor itself could be lingering around your backyard. If your septic is full or if you have a clogged system a pump-out has all of your attention, this doesn’t mean that your relationship with your septic tank is over!

A simple way to keep your septic system running smoothly is to put a treatment plan into place. Our company offers two different products. Our blend of Activator1000 powder-based formula helps clear out lines and subtract the odors. We also offer a liquid formula for more severe cases. Each product definitely will help you achieve a preventative maintenance plan to keep your Septic tank healthy.

Once you successfully purchase Activator1000, you will simply use the measurement scooper and put the recommended amount into your toilet, and occasionally the product could be put into your sinks and drains as well. Once it enters your system, it will break down bad bacteria, and begin to reduce the quantity of build-up that is in your tank. While you let the product do its job, your only job is to make sure that you do this process once a month through the life of your system. If you can accomplish this, you will have a wonderful long term relationship with your septic system. Keep in mind that maintaining it the right way will save you money by avoiding costly repairs. Try Activator1000 today and get the best septic tank product!