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STG Medical Infrared Thermometer

Activator 1000

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$ 49.99

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Default Title $ 49.99

Product description

Scope of application
The body temperature of subject Is shown by measuring the thermal radiation on the

Properties of products
Product performance measurement error; <=+-0.2°C.

Fast: measuring time leas than 1 second.

Easy to use: one-key measurement, easy to operate.

Non-contact forehead measurement, no contact with human skin, avoid cross infection.
Overtemperature tip: set the overtemperature tip temperature freely. Usage: 100,000

Large screen display: large screen LCD backlight display, clear reading at night.

Storage data: 32 sets of measurement data are stored for easy analysis and comparison.
Settings modification: Settings parameters can be modified.

Product Characteristics
1. Shock-proof type: internal power equipment.

2. According to the degree of shock prevention: BF type application part.

3. According to the degree of protection against harmful liquid Intake: common

4. According to the safety level of flammable anesthetic gas mixed with air or mixed with oxygen or nitrous oxide: equipment that cannot be used In the presence of flammable anesthetic gas.

5. Operating made: continuous running mode.

6. The thermometer does not have the application part of protection against defibrillation discharge affect

7. The thermometer has no signal Input and signal out.

8. Rated voltage of the equipment: DC 3V.

9. Non-permanent installation of equipment.

10. Electromagnetic compatibility: GB 4824 classification; Group I , Class B equipment.